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Hand Rolled Cone Incense | About Us

Hand Rolled Incense Made with Intention. Learn More About Our Products, Great for Ceremony or Everyday.

About Us

We hand roll every cone in our studio

We hand roll every cone in our studio

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Altering the environment through scent encourages relaxation, allowing space for the creative mind to amplify. We like to use incense as part of our creative ritual.

Visual artist Mike Paré started exploring incense making in 2015 after finding it hard to get his hands on incense made with natural ingredients. He found that most commercially sold incense is made with artificial fragrance oils and burning accelerants. He researched Japanese incense making and that inspired him to try and make his own natural, hand-rolled incense. Mike has spent a lot time researching what materials burn well, where to source premium aromatics and how to put them all together. A student of aesthetics, herbalism and anthropology, he is constantly expanding his awareness of plants and the therapeutic properties they offer.

Melissa Paré is an artist and designer and owner of Moraye. She designs all of the hand cast concrete Zouz Incense burners.

Average cone burning time: 20 minutes  
Fragrance can last for up to 8 hours
Smart Smoke:  Only burn incense on a fireproof surface. Do not leave burning incense unattended


  • Whole Plants and Herbs

  • Tree Resins

  • Wood Powders

  • Tinctures


Handmade in The USA


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