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Hand Rolled Incense Cones - Made in the USA

Premium Natural Incense Cones Ethically Hand Rolled From Tree Resins, Plants and Wildcrafted Herbs.

JOVE - Juniper, Red Cedar, Balsam of Tolu


JOVE - Juniper, Red Cedar, Balsam of Tolu


Return to the Southwest

The Juniper used in this blend comes wildcrafted from a Juniper bush deep in the Joshua Tree Region of Southern California. The leaves from this specific bush are ancient, and have sensory properties that take you immediately to a campfire in the desert. 


Juniper: Wildcrafted in the Mojave Desert region of Southern California.
Red Cedar; USA
Balsam of Tolu : Columbia

All Natural Hand Rolled Cones. Non Toxic, No Charcoals or Burning Accelerants. Small Batches Handmade in USA. Cones stay lit and burn straight through.

3"x 3 " Box contains 8 hand rolled cones.

Shop our hand crafted incense burners designed for burning Zouz Incense Cones.

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