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Myrrh - Raw Incense Resin

Hand Rolled Incense Cones - Made in the USA

Premium Natural Incense Cones Ethically Hand Rolled From Tree Resins, Plants and Wildcrafted Herbs.

Myrrh - Raw Incense Resin


Myrrh - Raw Incense Resin


Pure Myrrh resin imported from Oman by Zouz.

Whats so great about myrrh? Commiphora molmol also known as Commiphora myrrha has a watery, earthy, brassy fragrance. It is associated with the moon and the water element. As medicine, it is known for its antiseptic qualities. On the woo side, it has a rep for protection, healing, and spiritual work. It's not flowery, but it is one of the most feminine ingredients that I work with.

This raw resin is collected from the thorny myrrh trees in Oman. It can be burned on top of charcoal in a censer or ground and prepared as a combustible form like incense cones or sticks. It can also be distilled to make essential oil or made into a tincture.

1 ounce pkg.

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