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Incense Journal

Natural incense info from music to listen to while burning incense to incense history

India Incense Ingredients - Mumbai Marketplace

Mike Pare

 Black sandalwood in the bottom of the frame.  New to us.

Black sandalwood in the bottom of the frame.  New to us.

Our friends Didier and Kiki are traveling in India right now, sniffing out some quality incense ingredients.  Here are some pics they sent from a Marketplace in Mumbai.  The incense dealer has a variety of natural ingredients.

 bricks of loban - gum benzoin

bricks of loban - gum benzoin

 Sandalwood Powder, gums and resins.

Sandalwood Powder, gums and resins.

And here's what this stuff costs to the average wandering tourist-

Loban 100g for 50 rupees (about $.75)

Dhoop (this is what he called it but looked like frankincense) 100g for 50r

Sandalwood powder 50g for 200r ($3)

Sandalwood black chunks 50g for 200r

Indonesia rosin 50g for 100r ($1.50)